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Tree Removal in Cairns, Queensland

It’s that moment of the year when every property owner is in the mood to give their yard a complete transformation, and getting rid of some of your trees guarantees improved safety, health, and aesthetics. While this is an excellent move, some projects are best entrusted to the right professionals, and tree removal is one of them. 

Let us take care of all your tree removal needs. It is our area of specialization. We know the best industry practices to employ and have invested in hi-tech equipment to safely, efficiently, and effectively get the job done. This makes us the most affordable tree removal experts in Cairns and its environment. 

What Does a Professional Tree Removal Service Involve?

  • The use of specialized tools to chop up the tree into small portions from top to bottom; is considered safer than cutting down the tree as a whole.
  • Use of ropes to safely drop large branches or sway them to fall away from property or objects.

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When Should You Get a Tree Removal Service?

Confused about when to hire an expert or not? Well, here are a few things to guide you:

  • If a tree is dead or diseased and adds no value to your property- However, consult an arborist before removing it; they will advise if anything can be done to salvage it or if it’s safer removed. 
  • If a tree suffers heavy damage following storms, strong wind, heavy rains, and snowfall, weakening its roots or ripping it off. 
  • Never ignore signs of hollows on the ground where the tree is planted, warped stumps, or split trunks. 
  • If the tree grows towards your building or power lines and efforts to redirect its branches elsewhere turn futile.
  • Immediately the tree imposes danger on your building’s foundation, driveways, and walkways by inflicting cracks.

Why Do You Need a Professional to Remove Your Tree?

There is more to tree removal than cutting and directing it to the designated safe landing. Cairns tree removal professionals are the right experts for this job. 

Here are reasons why you need us;

  • We observe all the safety precautions in every job.
  • We are insured and bonded, meaning any injury or property damage is covered in the contractual agreement relieving you such liabilities – however, we’ve never had any scenario that posed damage or injury in the past.
  • We save you the trouble of getting the job done, leaving you with adequate time for other responsibilities.
  • We don’t just remove the tree and take off; we will get rid of the stump and clean up your lawn at no extra fees.
  • After which, we recommend the right preemptive care for the remaining trees.

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