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Trees are an exciting element of nature, and they deliver an abundance of valuable benefits to the environment. Many people’s objective for planting trees is to add value to their landscape. Don’t forget that trees also provide oxygen, shelter to birds and animals and improve property appearance. Are these not enough reasons to take good care of your trees? Proper tree maintenance like tree lopping can help achieve many benefits for you, the tree, and its environs.

At Cairns tree loppers, we are the tree surgeons you can trust. The trees in your commercial or residential space require proper nurturing, and we have the right expertise to manage them. For the time we’ve been lopping trees in Cairns and its environs, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Are you looking for experts in tree lopping capable of transforming your landscape? 

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What is Tree Lopping?

  • Let’s clear out some confusion!
  • Most people confuse tree lopping to mean pruning. You must distinguish these two techniques before you step out there and get the wrong service that will leave your trees more vulnerable. But indeed, there is a correlation between these two services. 
  • Tree lopping involves trimming tree branches to reduce the tree size, while pruning aims to improve a tree’s health. In this case, only the unhealthy branches are trimmed off. Both techniques require the use of different tools. 
  • Moreover, pruning is considered viable when you want to boost your tree sprouting process, while tree lopping is applied where you don’t want the tree to grow beyond a certain height. Experts recommend pruning to be an annual practice while lopping can be done biannually. 

Why You Need Our Tree Lopping Service

For your tree’s overall health

A thoughtful lopping can help improve a dying tree’s lifespan and health. Cutting the affected sections can help optimize their regrowth in the future. 

For aesthetics purposes

An overgrown tree appears messy; a lopping technique can dramatically improve its appearance.

For safety reasons

Heavy sections of mature trees are a threat during heavy rains and wind. A looping service can help control your tree’s growth, maintaining it at a manageable size that does not pose a danger to people and property. 

Professional Arborists In Cairns

Because you cannot do it alone, our arborists are here to ensure a long life for your trees. You took a noble step and planted those trees on your property. Let’s keep them in perfect shape. Our job is to see all trees serve their purpose to the maximum. If you’ve never considered asking help from a professional, you may be surprised to find out what you are missing.

Talk to Cairns Tree Loppers Today

Remember that only certified tree experts like us can safely, competently, and professionally carry out this job. Don’t take chances with tree specialists who cannot tell the difference between a lopping and pruning technique.

Call us now before your trees become unmanageable. If you don’t know what is required, worry not. It’s our job to get you the best help.

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