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Storm Safe Audits Cairns, Queensland

Storms can cause extreme damages to your trees and property. While some trees can survive the storm’s impact, it does not mean they are in good shape as they were before the storm. However, you can take preemptive action to avert potential damages before and after a storm.  

Cairns tree loppers know how severe storms can destroy trees in your yard. That’s why we have well-trained, certified, and experienced arborists to perform storm safety audits for all our residential and commercial customers at Cairns and its environs. Do you know why? To help determine the storm’s impact on your trees and recommend the right safer solution to protect them and your property. 

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When to get a Storm Safe Audit

Call us before the storm strikes. Maybe your trees need preservation or removal. We will be glad to maintain your tree’s health and minimize potential damages. Strong winds, heavy rains, and lighting threaten even the strongest, healthiest trees. Don’t assume your trees can withstand such harsh weather conditions unless we have provided the proper care and maintenance following our storm safety audit services. 

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Benefits of a storm Safe audit

Our arborists will help mitigate the risk of storm damage. We will analyze your yard and provide the necessary solutions before storm season hits to ensure;

  • No trees are closer to your power lines or buildings
  • No cracked tree trunks or boughs on your yard
  • No decayed or hollow trees on your property

We have a comprehensive safety plan for all our customers

Annual Tree inspection

This is to identify all health issues and weaknesses in a tree that makes it vulnerable to extreme snow, heavy rains, or strong winds. To provide the best protection and care, our arborists will, during the first inspection;

  • Help you understand the tree species on your land
  • Recommend the best care for each species
  • Perform proper pruning 

Trees have varied resilient levels. Determining the type of trees on your property will help provide the best care for the specific species. Moreover, pruning can make a tree stronger and foster its resilience to wind by 30%.

Mulch Application

A layer of mulch around your tree roots is a preventative measure. Our arborist will apply a 3-inch layer of mulch to protect the root system


This aims at protecting the tree trunk. Once we suspect a strong storm is about to hit, we offer added protection to the tree by warping its trunk with protective material. 

Signs That Should Prompt You to Contact Us Right Away
  • A noticeable lean that is not natural
  • Evidence of root damage
  • Dead trees
  • Trees with unstable structures like stems

Taking care of tree issues before is safer. Call us, and we will schedule an audit and offer practical solutions to keep your trees and property protected in the event a storm strikes.

Do You Need Our Storm Safe Audits Services After a Storm Has Passed?

Yes, contact our arborists for damage assessment. 

  • The arborists will examine the extent of damage to determine trees that require repair and those that need removal. 
  • They will also clean up your yard.

Contact us for professional storm safe audits services in Cairns. We are with you before and after a severe storm!