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If you’re after a tree lopper in Cairns then you have come to the right place! Cairns Tree Loppers provides you with professional arborists in that can help with any number of tree services. Whether you need an entire tree removed, some general tree maintenance or even just a stump removed we are happy to offer our services.

Call us today to schedule a time for a site visit so that we can provide you with a free quote.  To ensure the safety of yourself and your property it is important that you do regular tree maintenance so that you are prepaired for when storms hit, especially as we live here in a tropical paradise such as Cairns. You won’t regret using our services so call us today!

Our local tree lopping service is perfect for those who need a large tree removed from their property. We have the experience and equipment necessary to take care of any job, big or small while ensuring that you don’t encounter any extra tree problems  in the future. From hazardous trees to those that are simply in the way, we can take them down for you quickly and efficiently so you can start enjoying your property again. When deciding whether to remove a tree it is important to consider a few things:

  • The Size of the Tree
  • The Location of the Tree
  • The Age of the Tree
  • The Health of the Tree
  • The Type of Tree

Our qualified arborists can  help you make the best decision for your property and will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Our Services

Tree Lopping

Our most popular service of tree lopping includes the process of cutting your tree down to create space, unobstruct a view, maintain your garden, or even for the process of logging. We take great pride in our tree lopping jobs and strive to show that in our work.

Stump Removal

Our Tree stump removal service allow you to rid your yard or garden of unwanted tree stumps. Whether the tree has died, or you’ve just cut it down yourself and haven’t been able to finish the job, our stump grinding specialists can quickly and easily clean up your yard by removing the stumps.

Tree Removal

Cairns Tree Loppers offer a professional solution for your tree removal needs at an affordable price. Being a tropical climate in Cairns, it allows the perfect weather for tree growth, allowing them to quickly grow tall and in turn drop seeds, fruits, and branches on the ground and unfortunately can build up in unwanted places. This service requires specific machinery and a highly trained team to get the job done, both of which we supply at Cairns Tree Loppers.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning, or basic maintenance is actually quite healthy for the tree. Our tree pruning specialists know exactly which branches to cut without stunting the trees growth, and in such a way as to promote a nice and healthy full figured tree. This can be done to ensure that a view is preserved, or that a safe area below is maintained and a variety of other reasons. Whatever the case, our we strive to keep your trees looking healthy and well maintained all throughout the Cairns area.

Tree Reduction

As the name implies, tree reduction is just that, the vertical reduction of a tree. There is more to this service than simply knocking off a few branches from the top. Our qualified arborists know which branches to cut and which to leave in such a way that it promotes a healthy growth of the tree while also reducing the height. By only cutting certain branches, it allows the tree to develop lower shoots which in turn makes the tree age in a more natural way without stunting the trees growth. 

More Of Our Services

a trimmed hedge in cairns QLD by a Tree Lopper In Cairns

Hedge Trimming

Through regular maintenance and a high attention to detail, we are able to offer a highly professional hedge trimming service. Whether it be on the perimeter of the property or simply to create privacy, our team will take into consideration what the purpose of the hedge is and then trim it to suit. 

Mulch and Woodchipping

We aim to recycle as much as we can and by using a wood chipper we are able to offer recycled green waste that can serve a variety of purposes. This can both save you money and look great at the same time! If you are thinking about reusing the chips in other areas of your property, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff about this service when booking in for our service!

Emergency Tree Removal – 24/7

As anyone local to Cairns knows, its not uncommon to be battered by strong wind, rain and sometimes cyclones but rest assured we are on call 24/7 in extreme weather events. 

Storm Safe Audits

 Using the well trained eyes and years of experience from our team, we can conduct storm safe audits of your property to give you advice on any potential issues that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Being ready for storm season with well maintained trees is the most effective way to ensure that in the case of an extreme weather event, you can avoid as much damage as possible. 

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Affordable Tree Loppers in Cairns

With an incredible amount of arborist experience under our belt, we confidently and constantly get the job done right the first time. Like all trades though, a worker is only as good as their tools. Ensuring that we have the highest quality tools that are regularly maintained means that we are a cut above the rest (pun intended). Not only does this make our job easier but it also ensures that each job runs smoothly from start to finish and allows us to guarantee that after using Cairns Tree Loppers, that your property’s trees will look flawless, but also be storm safe in the case of an extreme weather event. 

Cairns Tree Loppers

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